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The Hemalata Hospitals and Cancer Research Centre, Bhubaneswar (Odisha) India, is a dream comes true for me. Having spent a major part of my professional life in close proximity to cancer patients, I have learnt that we should fight the disease and not the technology. But then, no war is won without weapons. Thanks to the ongoing research and stretching of human imagination, we can now fight cancer to a great extent.

Radiation oncology and Medical Physics have come a long way since my training days. Techniques like conformal radiotherapy and virtual simulation, termed as textbook solution till recently, can now be implemented in the clinics. The fact however, remains that such sophistication is available only to few fortunate in the western world.

I have taken the oath to make available the miracles of Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology to the needy patient's in my country.

I pray the Almighty to help me in my noble endeavor.

Dr. Arabinda Kumar Rath, Ph.D
Chairman & Managing Director

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